We pour our passion into making sure your project succeeds.

What We Do

We specialize in native iOS and Android development. We stay on top of best practices and standards, both official and community-based. We write good code that’s structured to evolve and be maintained over time. When necessary, we can also throw together a quick demo or prototype on a tight deadline.

Why we do it

Good ideas must be made, but some will need a little help. Our goal is to assist in getting good ideas out into the world, to help, to lead, or to inspire others.

Velos Principles

Feel Natural

Your app should be both fun and familiar for your users. We’ll make sure it belongs on their device, following the best standards and performing great.


A small and talented team can solve hard problems quickly. We’ll flag potential roadblocks in advance, find elegant solutions, and move quickly while delivering a great experience.


You’re good at what you do. We’ll look to you for guidance and vision, and we’ll share our thoughts on the best way to realize it


We follow an agile development process, adhering to agile best practices, and regularly sharing the evolving work with you. We know that every project goes through changes, and so we plan to accommodate them as they arise.

Where we work

We perform most of our work at our office in San Francisco. Swing by and drink some delicious coffee while reviewing screens. Or we can visit you to meet with your designers, programmers, and anyone else who wants to say hello. And we’re available every day over Slack, Hangouts, or whatever you use to communicate.

A snapshot of our summer party.

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Our Co-Founders

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Chris King

Chief Android Developer,

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Eric Wegner-Tamo

General Manager,

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Zac White

Chief Apple Platforms Developer,