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Planning Planning

We take your idea and make it a reality. From wire-framing to project planning, we make sure there’s a smooth path to 1.0 and beyond.

Design Design

Whether it’s mobile or web, we can create everything from beautiful, illustrative designs to clean, simple layouts.

Mobile Mobile

We can do it all. Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry. Oh, also BREW. But please don’t make us do BREW.

Backends Backends

To take an app to the next level, a server is usually a must. We have extensive experience with all major server technologies with a particular emphasis on Django.

Experience Experience

Our experience gives us confidence in our estimations and in our implementations.

Quality Quality

Quality is paramount. We have QA resources to find and fix issues across many devices and OS versions. You should see our device collection.

From the Blog

3 April

Enhanced Sectioned Grid with Varying Columns

We’ve been pleased to see that the Sectioned Grid adapter we open-sourced last year has been useful for other Android developers. It’s a modular component that fulfills a commonly encountered desire for nicely formatted grids of data, which seem to be increasingly in demand as Android tablets become more popular. One suggestion made at our […]

8 March

Harlem Shake for iOS

You thought it was over didn’t you? You thought that surely this meme was done by now. Well it’s not. Introducing Harlem Shake for iOS. Here’s another example using MusicID: It’s super easy to use. Just give it a view to do the initial ‘dance’ like so: Then when you want craziness to ensue: Please […]

24 October

A Sectioned Grid for Android

Posted by in android, development

Tablets give you a lot of real estate to play around with. Google has created several features specifically to help developers take advantage of the extra screen space, most obviously the Fragment system. However, one of the most widely-used Android components, the ListView, has not been optimized for the wider screens you encounter on a […]

Our Clients

A few of our clients.

  • Beats-Music
  • Wikia
  • Automatic
  • Dialect
  • TuneUp