Is your app ready for iOS 17 and watchOS 10? Get Ready

Widgets Everywhere

Apple is putting widgets everywhere, so you need to have a widget. Home Screen, Lock Screen, and new in iOS 17: Stand By mode and the macOS Sonoma desktop. Your widget needs to look good, work great and be everywhere and Velos can help you update your widget to use the latest OS features so it's ready to go day one.

Live Activities ++

Live Activities aren't new, but they are getting even better in iOS 17. If you are late to the Live Activities party, then now is a great time to make sure your app includes activities that makes sense for your users, so when the new iPhones come out, your app shines in the Dynamic Island sun ☀️ 🏖️.

SwiftUI is Ready

You might have been doing a little 'wait and see' on when you should adopt SwiftUI. We've been building apps with it heavily for 4 years and it's ready. SwiftUI is the present and future of how apps should be written, so it's more important than ever to adopt it as soon as possible. We're the team to architect your strategy for modernizing your app to ensure it's thriving in Apple's complicated platform landscape.

Reach out and we'll work together to make sure you are ready for the next release.